International Business Diplomacy: Mining for Good Practices in Indonesia


  • Aelina Surya Universitas Komputer Indonesia



Business Diplomacy, China, Freeport-McMoran, Indonesia, Mining


"International Business Diplomacy: Mining for Good Practices in Indonesia" explores how business diplomacy can be a strategic tool in optimizing the potential of Indonesia's mining sector on the international stage. Armed with abundant natural resource wealth, Indonesia faces the challenge of ensuring that its mining industry provides maximum benefits for the economy and society while maintaining harmonious relations with international trading partners. This research highlights two main cases: contract renegotiation with Freeport-McMoRan and cooperation in the nickel sector with China. These two cases illustrate how Indonesia, with a careful approach to business diplomacy, has succeeded in attracting investment, increasing industrial added value, and ensuring sustainable mining practices. However, despite this success, challenges such as environmental issues, workers' rights and good governance remain priorities. In conclusion, business diplomacy, if implemented correctly, can be the key for Indonesia to achieve sustainability and justice in its mining industry in the era of globalization.




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Surya, A. (2023). International Business Diplomacy: Mining for Good Practices in Indonesia. Jurnal Perdagangan Internasional, 1(2), 73–86.