Reviewers Guidelines

Before reviewing, please note the following:

  1. As a reviewer, you need to confirm your availability in reviewing the article based on the requested deadline.
  2. After confirming your availability, please read the JPI Author Guideline as the main reference in reviewing the article.
  3. Reviewer is mandatory to fill in the review form and consent form provided by JPI. Furthermore, reviewers also need to review the author's manuscript using Microsoft Word (add comments feature with anonymous name).
  4. After completing the forms, please upload them to the journal system by signing in to your account. After uploading the documents, reviewers are asked to provide recommendation regarding the review process result based on review form.
  5. Please notify the section editor when the review process has completed through the Open Journal System.


Furthermore, there are following points that reviewers should pay attention to when reviewing a manuscript :

  1. Please make sure that the article that has been assigned for the review process is part of your expertise.
  2. Please make sure that the review process will be conducted within the time that has been given by the journal.
  3. Please make sure that all the review process is objective based on the content of the manuscript and please attach some objective and clear comments regarding the review.