Peer Review Process

The Journal of Accounting, Business, and Economics uses a double-blind system: the identities of the reviewers are kept confidential from the authors, while the reviewers can see the authors' identities. The paper will be reviewed by three experts; one of them is the editor-in-chief and the other two are reviewers. The maximum tolerated similarity level is 20%.

Peer Review / Responsibilities for Reviewers. As an editor or reviewer, you are requested to determine the authenticity of the manuscript you are asked to review. Therefore, it is recommended that you also refer to the Guide and Policies for Authors to see which points authors should consider before submitting their papers for publication.

Although the reviewed articles are treated confidentially, the assessment by the reviewers should be objective. Reviewers should not have any conflicts of interest with the research, authors, and/or research funding, and they should provide relevant published works that have not been cited yet.

Editorial Responsibilities

Editors have full responsibility and authority to reject/accept an article. Editors should not have any conflicts of interest regarding the articles they reject/accept, only accepting papers when they are sufficiently confident, when errors are found, encouraging publication of corrections or retractions, and maintaining the anonymity of the reviewers.