Pembuatan dan Penerapan Alat Sensor Banjir di Komplek Puri Cipageran Indah Kota Cimahi


  • Udin Komarudin Universitas Widyatama
  • Nia Nuraeni Suryaman Universitas Widyatama
  • Adhita Prasetia Universitas Widyatama
  • Martoni Universitas Widyatama
  • Heru Santoso Universitas Widyatama



early warning systems, floods, flood sensor devices


Flooding is the most common problem in big cities besides congestion. This is due to the decrease in water catchment areas due to the increasing number of settlements in these urban areas. In addition to the increasing number of settlements, other things that cause flooding are the poor drainage system, the condition of the channel, high water runoff and the lack of drainage dimensions so that it cannot accommodate the increasing volume of water so that it becomes overflowing water. One form of disaster mitigation in this study is a flood sensor tool. This sensor will detect the water level and provide a warning sound for the surrounding community. This is expected to be one of the early warning systems against flood disasters. The method carried out is the design and construction of a flood sensor device. Starting with literature studies, surveying the location of placement of flood sensor equipment, preparation of tools and materials, development of flood sensor tools, testing of tools and evaluation and ending with application at a predetermined location. The results obtained in this study were the design of the flood sensor tool as expected. In addition, this flood sensor tool has been applied in Puri Cipageran Indah, Cimahi City.


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U. Komarudin, N. N. Suryaman, A. Prasetia, Martoni, and H. Santoso, “Pembuatan dan Penerapan Alat Sensor Banjir di Komplek Puri Cipageran Indah Kota Cimahi”, jitter, vol. 9, no. 1, Dec. 2022.