Increasing the efficiency of CNC turning machines using the Single Minute Exchange Of Dies (SMED) Method in company X

  • Muhammad Faizal Nurrizky Widyatama University
  • Muhammad Anwar Septiana Universitas Widyatama
  • Jamari Machmudin Universitas Widyatama
  • Muhamad Syafii Universitas Widyatama
Keywords: Single Minute Exchange of Dies, SMED, CNC, set-up time




Company X is a company engaged in manufacturing that produces Aerospace Spare Parts products using CNC production machines. The obstacle faced by Enterprise X is the set-up time that is long and repetitive, this study aims to minimize set-up time in order to increase production productivity by using the Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED) method in company X. Stages conducted including steps to collect the set-up motion elements performed, separate the internal set-up into an external set-up, simplify all aspects of the set-up operation and calculate the productivity of the implementation of SMED. CNC machines in Company X number 8 machines where the level of machine efficiency reaches only 50% - 75%. Based on the company's production data that the contribution to the set-up activity is the biggest influence on the idle time of the CNC machine that reaches 55% with a set-up time of 51,05 minutes at every 1 set-up. The model set-up that is different for each operator becomes a problem in company X. Calculation of set-up time using the (SMED) method is obtained by the set-up time amounted to 44.3 minutes, method by 51.05 minutes there was a decrease in set-up time of 6,75 minutes


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