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Water supply system, zoning system, Seruyan Regency


In 2020 the coverage of Urban SPAM drinking water services in Seruyan Regency is still 18.87% and Rural SPAM services 30.13%, drinking water services are still far from the MDG's target of 100%. One of the obstacles is the limited production capacity for water services, so it is necessary to find the nearest air source that can be used to serve sub-districts in Seruyan Regency. So in this study, we will calculate the water demand for the next 20 years and analyze the priority of developing a piping network system with a zoning system to maximize drinking water services. Determine the zoning system based on regional considerations, administrative boundaries, planning area boundaries, economic problems that affect the system, city development, distance to air sources and topographic conditions.

This research methode used quantitative descriptive analysis. The results of the analysis of drinking water needs in 2040 obtained 1243.4 l/sec with the number of services 501,154 people or 100,230 SR with an average water demand of 829 l/sec. The distribution of drinking water service zones is 10 zones. With the division of service priorities based on zoning, namely priorities 1 and 2 (Zone VIII, Seruyan Raya district, Zone IX, Batu Ampar district and Zone X, Suling Tambun district) and priorities 2 and 3 (Zone I, Seruyan Hilir district, Zone II, Kec. Sembuluh Lake, Zone III Hanau District, Zone IV Central Seruyan District, Zone V Seruyan Hilir Timur District, Zone VI Seruyan Hulu District, Zone VII Lake Seluluk District). Potential sources of raw water that can be used are surface water sources (Seruyan River) and deep groundwater sources for areas not served by urban drinking water.

Keywords :

Water supply system, zoning system, Seruyan Regency


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Author Biographies

Insan Kamal , Institut Transportasi dan Logistik Trisakti

Fakultas Teknik Transportasi dan Logistik; Institut Transportasi dan Logistik Trisakti; Jl. IPN Kebon Nanas No.2, DKI Jakarta 13410

safri safri, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

Jurusan Teknik Sipil; Politeknik Negeri Jakarta; Jl. Prof. Dr. G.A. Siwabessy, Kampus UI Depok, 16424



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